The Clinton Street “Volunteer Corps”

Saturday, December 3, a volunteer crew of 25 planted 35 fruit trees and numerous shrubs along Clinton Street. The installation is the first of many that will be planted as part of the Community Orchard at Vance. Among the plantings are 6 American chestnuts and 12 apple and pear trees. The chestnuts were donated by The American Chestnut Foundation, the pears and apples were donated by Nutty Buddy Nurseries. Lowe’s also contributed numerous berry shrubs.

Transforming Clinton Street”

While the garden is headed into winter dormancy, this is an opportune time to establish the orchard. In a like fashion, it is also the appropriate time to establish deeper connections – establishing the “roots” so to speak, of the community surrounding Vance. On Saturday, more than half the volunteers did not have children in school at Vance. Some came from Swannanoa, Montford, and the River Arts District. For those of us with children at Vance, this is extremely exciting, a testament to the power of a garden to bring us together.
Next up for Phase III at Vance: The Schoolyard “Door” Gardens.

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