BY Laura Ruby

We continue to work with teachers at Vance, incorporating more core curriculum into the outdoor environment and established gardens. I am excited about moving items for the cob shed this month into the new garden shed, and exploring the different options for that beautiful space.

Here’s what some of the students are working on:

In a 2nd grade class, we worked with the teacher and students to experiment making applesauce with crab apples from the tree outside their classroom. We also made a soup with cowpeas harvested from the first-grade beds. Finally, students made seed packets so that they could pass some of the cowpeas they saved onto the first graders who will plant them out this spring.

3rd grade continues their unit studying weather in Asheville and how they can, as environmental stewards, help Asheville respond to winter weather. We are collaborating with Riverlink to help students understand the link between environmental pollutants and the effects on our river ecosystem.

4th grade began their unit studying NC.  They are addressing how, as ecologists, they can understand how people, natural events, and developments have changed communities in the mountains, Piedmont and coastal regions of our State.

5th graders are gearing up for a study of oil spills and how different pollutants affect ecosystems. They will feature their work next month during STEAM week.

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