BY Laura Ruby: 

STEAM week begins March 26 at Vance! This is an exciting time where K-5 students showcase their work over the past few months as it pertains to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and/or Math. We’ve enjoyed being a part of the process.

It’s been an active month, with lots of exciting projects including Kindergarten’s “Classroom without Borders” unit, where we focused on Dinosaurs and students decided what they wanted to learn about.

We explored how these amazing creatures lived and wrote about what would happen if they came back.  They built a dinosaur habitat for their toy dinos and traced their feet into an outline of a T-Rex footprint, making estimates about how much it would be. The answer: 36 Kinder-feet = 1 Trex foot!

2nd Grade started their sound unit and are designing a Sound Garden for Tiny Town. Using upcycled materials and resources from nature, they’ll design and install a fun, interactive and educational space for K-2.  They are designing the mural that will be the backdrop for the sound garden. We will synthesize their drawings and create a cohesive design. Imagine birds chirping and music notes sprouting into flowers. Stay tuned to hear/see all of their amazing work!

Recently, the Roots Foundation teamed up with Riverlink to talk to 3rd Grade students about how salinity affects our river ecosystems. They conducted an egg experiment, where students learned about mass and density (can you guess if an egg would float in tap water or salt water, and why?).

Riverlink also brought in some native macroinvertebrates so the students could meet some of our river critters. We love our partners!

5th Graders are studying how pollutants impact our ecosystems. They will build terrariums with recycled materials to simulate aquatic environments. They will then measure the impact of different pollutants on these ecosystems. Come to STEAM night and check it out their creative work!

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