By Justin Holt:

Sidney, our VEG intern, has been meeting with teachers to develop lessons that connect to the garden more deeply. A couple classrooms are excited to adopt their own garden bed and Sidney is working with them to apply their pre-K curriculum in the garden.


Meanwhile, the wet and cold weather kept us indoors a lot over the past month, so instead of the classes coming to the garden, the garden came to them.

We read Eric Carle’s classic The Tiny Seed, a story about the journey of a flower seed that evades all kinds of dangers and manages to grow into a towering plant that is treasured by people, bees, and birds from across the land. We got inspired to start our own seeds, planting them in little cups and placing them near a sunny window in the classroom where the students can care for them as they grow.

We had a great showing of community volunteers, parents, teachers, and preschoolers at the February Garden Night. Sharing snacks and doing some light garden work together was really fun! Hope to see you at Verner on a third Thursday of the month sometime soon!

The garden, coming into its third year now, is growing beautifully.

Our blueberries and cherry shrubs have lots of flowers promising future fruits, our willow rows seems they will be ready to weave into a living tunnel this summer, and the cover crops are growing nicely, indicating our soils are healthy and ready to produce a lot of delicious veggies…

… Yum!

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