Wonderful news this month!

The Extension Master Gardener Volunteers of Buncombe County awarded a grant which will cover the cost of all our plant materials for the student-designed pollinator garden.

The “To Bee or Not To Bee” project at MNSA is multi-faceted. It is organized in such a manner that students learn many different “design elements” as they work together to solve the “problem” of designing a pollinator garden. This past month, the final steps of that process took place, leading up to the actual “public presentation”, which in this case is the planting of the garden. In particular, as a group, the students reviewed the draft design and then made a final critique of the design. In Project Based Learning parlance these two stages are known as “Critique and Revision” and “Public Project”.

This project has provided many valuable insights into our work. This month, the team at Montford is taking a critical look at ways to make next year’s projects and the use of project-based learning better.


It was great to partner with United Way again for the spring Days of Impact.

Shout out to volunteers from the Hilton Garden Inn and Asheville Technologies who worked hard on the MNSA campus!
If weather permits, we hope to have plants in the garden by Family Night.
Hope to see you there!

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