As the school of ecology, Vance was excited to celebrate Earth Day on Monday, April 23rd with us. The day kicked-off with a school-wide gathering where students shared in music, recited the Pledge of the Earth and got rallied up for the day.

Teachers signed up to participate in one of five activities throughout the day:

  • Stretching with stories & movement;
  • Making seed bombs with pollinator plant seeds;
  • Carving wood & being young arborists;
  • Weaving an earth loom;
  • Engaging in an interactive tree exercise;
  • Painting birdhouses and creating educational signs for around campus.

Even though it rained all day, the activities moved inside and we had a lot of fun!

STEAM night was a great success, as students demonstrated the result of all of their hard work over the last few months:

Second graders gave their rhythm a go, playing some beats on their sound garden for their families. Be sure to check out the video showing the evolution of this awesome project.

Third graders presented their designs on how they would help Asheville better respond to winter weather.

Fifth graders built eco-columns. These columns mimicked a self-functioning ecosystem with plants, water, soil, and fish. Students then explored how oil, and other pollutants, impact these ecosystems, and how pollutants impact our greater Asheville community ecosystem.

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