Classes began planting out their spouted seed in their class garden bed at Verner. We did some major earth moving for the cistern installations which made for some lovely grubby discoveries.

The students love digging – they test and show their strength and unearth all kinds of interesting things, like fat worms, squirmy grubs, and flakes of mica. During the March Garden Night, we pulled tons of oriental bittersweet roots out (photo) to clear the way for the installation of the earth loom, a project dreamt up by WWC students and Verner teachers last fall during our curriculum development week. This will create a place for found and natural items to be woven into collaborative art pieces by Verner students.

Shout out to the Asheville Junior League’s Volunteer-a-Thon.  We had a great crew on April 13 that helped us clean up the garden, organize our lumber pile, pull out weeds, and spread mulch. Thank you!

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