This month sees the completion of the first Pollinator Garden at MNSA and the planting of a number of flower beds around the campus. The pollinator project provided valuable experience for our initial year with the school.

Led by Ms. Shannon Baggett, the MNSA team, the Roots team and the MNSA parent team are finding a common vision of how to move forward with learning grounded in “problem-solving”. The project has been a focal point of collaboration, reflection, and revision. (It sounds like we are all engaged in a “project-based learning”, which of course we are.)

One of the surprises of the project was the involvement of one of the parents, Ms. Christina Stoehrel. Ms. Stoehrel works for the US Forest Service. Through her office, she has been able to bring additional financial resources to the campus. These monies will be used in the coming school year to provide outdoor learning spaces, the first phase of a walking/exploration path, and the clearing of invasive plants – which will become another outdoor learning area. Big thanks to Chris!

Another shout out goes to the Biltmore Company. Through a lucky connection, the Roots Foundation was able to secure the donation of hundreds of daffodil and tulip bulbs, that were planted this month around the campus – all to make MNSA a better place to learn.

Through the efforts of Debra Kiliru and Justin Holt, we now have a regular volunteer work schedule at MNSA.

Final big news – TRF, MNSA and Asheville City Schools have signed a multi-year understanding for multiple installations for learning and continued enhancement of the school campus. We are also working on a school-wide teacher trainer for August, so even though school is about to wrap up for the year, our work will continue.

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