First graders rounded out their year-long mint project/economics unit with a trip to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. And what a treat that was!

Students learned more about the cacao tree and how the seeds inside get turned into that delicious chocolatey goodness.

They learned about the farmers that the Lounge works with, how they sort & process the cacao, and how the chocolates are decorated and packaged before they go to market.

We are currently working with each grade to plant a continuation garden: in the spring, they plant something in their grade level gardens that they can harvest when they return in the fall in their next grade. For example…

Kindergarten classes planted cowpea seeds that were harvested by first graders this past fall. They planted these saved seeds in the first-grade beds. That way, when they return as first graders this coming fall, they can harvest the cowpeas and begin the tradition of planting and saving seeds.

We are excited to work with teachers before school gets out and in early summer, planning Project Based Learning units for the new year.

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