May is planting time for summer veggies. Students have sown seeds and planted starts of lettuce, kale, onions, tomatoes, basil, sunflowers, okra, cowpeas, squash, and gourds. The strawberries have been coming in! We gathered both garden strawberries and the fruits of their smaller, sweeter, undomesticated cousin, the wild strawberry.

The EarthLoom is nearing completion. The frame is up and soon students will be able to gather interesting and beautiful objects in the garden and nearby pasture and forest to weave into a collaborative art piece.

We are pleased to have our very first summer internship! Our spring intern, Sidney, will continue writing up thorough lesson plans based on the many garden activities we’ve been doing so the teachers will have a resource for instructing students in the garden when the Roots Foundation is not there. Check out her blog!

In its third season, the garden is really starting to burst with life. The service berries are starting to ripen, we’ve got little apples and pears hanging from the trees, the blueberries are loaded with fruit, the willow hedge at the entrance of the garden is about tall enough to weave into a living tunnel, and, with all this rain, we can expect it all to keep growing and growing and growing.

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