We empower teachers to engage their students in relevant, authentic problem-solving.

The 21st century demands additional skills from students, beyond the traditional core knowledge.  Critical thinking, collaboration, the ability to communicate their understanding of their world is essential.

We strive to see students interested, engaged, and empowered to have a purpose and voice in their education.

Make yours a meaningful donation and consider making a monthly gift! Roots Hummus is committed to a sustaining contribution that funds our administrative expenses, this means 100% of your donation goes directly into the classrooms.

Thank you!

We collaborate with stakeholders to create meaningful experiences schools and in the community. Your investment supports:

1.  Professional development 4x / year across our partner campuses

2.  Bi-monthly coaching stipends for teacher team-leaders to refine their skills and facilitate projects

3.  Out-of-school training and paid planning time for  grade-level teaching teams to enhance their curriculum

4.  Outdoor learning spaces that transform schoolyards into abundant, edible ecosystems.


If you would like to make an offline donation, you can send a check to the following address:
The Roots Foundation
PO Box 6433
Asheville, NC 28816

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